• Amber Craft

Welcome to Do Yourself Well

I am so excited to welcome you to a new journey in wellness. What started as a voice calling me to do more, to help others, and to lean into my faith has brought us here today.

So, what does it mean to "Do Yourself Well"? It means that we need to think about how to heal ourselves, mind, body, and spirit, to truly be well.

I have been charged with bringing wellness to be a tool for you. I too have had a journey in my health and faith. I know that if we cared for our bodies as they were intended, we would have so much more energy and life to use for His glory. We need to provide a fit body for our soul to reside in and a fit faith for the Lord to use.

God continues to pursue us even when we don’t recognize it. He desires for us to know His saving grace and His deeply compassionate love for us. He is growing us into women He designed us to be so that we will fulfill His purpose through our lives. We just need to slow down, sit down, surrender, serve Him, and thrive. He will do His part and we need to do our part and He will do great works through you.

Do Yourself Well by leaning into His saving grace, grow in knowledge, and share this good news with others!

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